Technical Arborist Services

The urban canopy is our largest living asset.

Inspecting a tree

Tree Inventory

NUF knows trees. Documenting the tree canopy on a large site can take time. Our efficient team of arborists moves quickly and with precision to capture the vast number of data points that paint the picture of your urban forest.

Tree canopy map

Pre-Construction Planning

Customary BMPs are not applicable to all site conditions. Your standards should fit the needs and goals of your project. Our templates make customizing your site plan streamlined.


Attract contractors that will safely achieve your tree management goals. Hire the right people for your project. We write RFP’s that speak the language of arboriculture.

Tree Management Plan

We want to help you reach your campus goals. Through thoughtful planning and a pro-active approach to tree care, we can achieve sustainability goals and maximize your budget with long term strategy.

Ordinance Navigation

Every municipality has unique requirements that can be confusing and complicated to navigate. We can translate tree ordinances and make recommendations, so your organization maintains compliance and can focus on other aspects of a project that really matter to you.

Planting Consultation

We want to protect your investment by planting right the first time.

Community Engagement Creative Design

By using technology, innovation, and years of experience in community building, we build spaces that encourage interaction with the environment, foster diversity, equity and inclusion, and teach our love of trees to a broad audience.

Two NUF workers inspecting a tree