Tree Service

At New Urban Forestry,
we believe that the
community forest
deserves to be cared for.

NUF Tree Climbers


Our team has an appreciation for the benefits afforded by healthy trees, and our skilled arborists have a knowledge of the physiology of trees and a thoughtful approach to each pruning cut we make.

Lightning Protection

Our copper cabling system prevents lightning by extending from air terminals near the top of every major trunk down to 10-foot copper ground rods below the tree's drip line are relatively inconspicuous, non-injurious, permanent, and very reliable.


As stewards of the environment, we recycle all of our green waste into mulch, compost, soils and other products.

Cabling / Bracing

Not all tree defects can be corrected with pruning alone, so in some cases we may recommend cabling or bracing to provide supplemental support. Cabling helps trees survive rough storms and heavy winds.


Although we’re preservationists at heart, there are times when tree removal is necessary. Our removal process minimizes the impact to surrounding landscapes and gardens, and you can rest assured that the project will be safe and efficient.

Plant Healthcare

An emphasis on proper diagnosis coupled with high-quality systemic materials, targeted trunk applications and natural predatory insects (biological control) allows us to achieve excellent results from our treatment programs without the need to soak the garden in chemicals.

NUF Tree Service Worker in Lift Bucket
“It pays to have an Arborist from NUF spend time with your trees every year or so.”


“I live on a very wooded lot and have had to have tree services before, and New Urban Forestry was the best by far.”