April 14, 2020

Athens Works Initiative

We are excited to be part of Athens Works Initiative, a local Athens project that pairs essential businesses with restaurants operating in a limited capacity. We have committed to spend a portion of our revenue each week to feed our crews with local food and hopefully keep our economy moving. By hiring us, you are not only supporting us as a local business, but also others in the community.

Below is a tally of our total contribution to this project:

4/3/20 - $750 - marketing expense for website creation


4/7/20 - $180.36 - 13 boxed lunches from Big City Bread

4/9/20 - $168.48 - 12 boxed lunches from Big City Bread

4/14/20 $  - 12 boxed lunches from Depalma’s


APRIL 14, 2020