June 1, 2018

The High Cost of Tree Removal

Overheard recently: “Why is tree removal so expensive?”

We get it, tree removal is indeed expensive. And when looking at an invoice, it’s easy to see why clients might wonder why the cost is so high. To understand the true cost of tree removal, here’s a breakdown:

●       Skilled Labor

As one of the owners of NUF noted, “Our climbers are industrial athletes. They are the ‘Lebron James’ of climbers.” For a task as potentially dangerous as removing a tree, it’s important to have highly trained, highly skilled staff. Our crew leaders gain years of experience in the field and are required to become certified arborists. The cost of tree removal includes investing in the training of our people to become the best professional arborists. If you could watch a side-by-side tree removal, there would be a remarkable difference between our arborists and most other tree companies.

To retain a workforce of highly trained professionals, we compensate our employees with wages that reflect their skill and expertise. Our company is a family, and we want them to thrive. We are proud that our employees are able to have a good quality of life.

●       Insurance

Tree service is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. This makes insurance costs extremely high. That’s not news. We’re not complaining. Other tree service companies can get around high premiums by subcontracting labor. However, that can leave the homeowner liable should any damages take place. We see it as our duty to YOU, the homeowner, to make sure your property is protected. Therefore, we pay high insurance premiums to fully protect our clients.

●       Equipment

We also see it as our duty to protect our employees by investing in training and technology. For instance, we’ve just acquired a new grapple crane. This state-of-the-art piece of technology will reduce some of the risk involved in our industry by allowing our arborists to operate the machinery by remote and remain safely on the ground for some removals.


●       Environmental Protection

We care about our clients and about our employees. We also care about our industry’s impact on the environment. We aim to reuse the materials we remove from properties, keeping dead trees out of the landfill. We find that responsible and necessary for our community to continue to thrive, as no one wants a landfill installed near their property.

We provide a service that is safe, efficient, and cost effective for our clients. Technically anyone with a chainsaw can cut down a tree. However, our arborists can inspect your tree and let you know if you should take it down. Clients are often surprised to learn that a tree they were worried about is actually healthy, while another tree that wasn’t on their radar is posing a safety risk to their home. We choose to be regulated by the Tree Care Industry of America because we will never be just a guy with a chainsaw.

Our bids are competitive, and our value is unparalleled. Our high level of training and our state of the art technology enables us to efficiently complete tree removals with minimal disturbance to property. Our clients can feel confident the job will be done safely, their property will look great, and they are protected by our full insurance coverage.

Yes, tree removals are expensive. And yes, there are others in our industry who may provide a lower bid. However, we’re confident they cannot offer the value we offer when it comes to safety, risk reduction, and quality of service.

We’re proud of our company, and proud to offer our family of employees fair wages, benefits, and training opportunities. That may not always make us the cheapest, but it does make us some of the best tree care providers in the industry. It’s your choice, and we want your choice to be informed.We see our work as an art and a common good. We hope you agree.

And perhaps the best value in tree care is the fact that we offer tree evaluations at no cost. You can meet one of our ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessors, Certified Arborists or our Board-Certified Master Arborist to help determine the condition of your trees and make an informed decision about their care or removal.  We look forward to seeing you soon.