January 14, 2019

The best time to plant a tree is NOW!

Did you know that you can plant a tree at ANY time in our region of Georgia? Yup. Even in the middle of winter. There’s always talk of the BEST time to plant trees, which is almost universally accepted as the Fall,  but sometimes the best season isn’t always the most convenient time for homeowners. Even during the worst time to plant, the middle, hottest part of the summer, you technically can still plant, as long as you water properly.

Tree Planting 2.JPG

So now as the holidays are over and the winter sets in, cabin fever can leave many itching for the new life of spring. One of the best ways to refresh your landscape is to plant trees and right now is an excellent time.

Right now, the ‘bones’ of your landscape are exposed. It’s easy to see where issues may arise and there are fewer distractions (hey that’s a pretty flower!). In addition to the many benefits that I’m sure you can name, trees are an excellent means of managing stormwater. With the rainy winter that we have had, by now you know which areas of your property need a little help with runoff, or need more shade, or some long-lasting color.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”  

Planting in the winter gives the roots of new plantings time to establish themselves in the soil before trying to survive the tough summer conditions. We don’t ever have cold enough temperatures to truly freeze the ground, so fear of freezing the roots is not an issue. If the tree is properly planted with mulch added to further insulate the roots, even the coldest days do not present a problem.  

Choosing the right trees for our region is also important.  Native plants are going to do best in our particular conditions. Some of these native species include:  Bald Cypress, Black Gum, and different varieties of Oak.  Some well-adapted non-native species can also grow really well in our climate. One of our favorites, Dawn Redwood, is a fast-growing beautiful addition to your landscape. It may seem like a daunting process to choose the right tree, we can help make the right decision for your particular conditions.

Tree planting.PNG

Planting new trees is a great way to spruce up your landscape any time of the year, so take advantage of our moderate climate and the drizzly weather and go ahead and plant that tree now. You, and your children, and your childrens’ children will thank you for many years to come.